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These few photos summarize my passions. The sea, sailing, fishing, all the pleasures of these mornings, when at the port exit the sun wakes up and illuminates the horizon. Sailing for the pleasure of sharing rare moments. But also the calm reassuring mountains, the fullness of these walks that take you to the top of the moutains to reach for the sky and relax. Have a nice walk in picture!

  • Photographie, quand le ciel et la terre ne forment qu’un – Irlande environs de Cavan
    When sky and land become one, Ireland, near Cavan.
  • Photographie de carrelets sur la Grande Côte de Saint Palais (Charente Maritime)
    Square fishing nets on the 'Grande Côte', Saint Palais, Charente-Maritime, French Atlantic Coast
  • Photographie du port Ostréicole de Marennes Oléron (Charente Maritime).
    Oyster Farming Port, Marennes-Oléron, Charente-Maritime, where most oysters are produced, Atlantic Coast, France.
  • Photographie du livre imprimé de La Menace Blackstone
    Paperback book of the Blackstone Threat.
  • Photographie du Lac des Mines d’Or près de Morzine (Alpes).
    The Golden Mines lac near Morzine, Northern part of French Alpes.
  • Photographie de cabanes ostréicoles, grève de la Tremblade - Charente Maritime.
    Oyster producers cabins, Pier of 'La Tremblade', Charente-Maritime.
  • Photographie d'un bateau prisonnier du filet d’un carrelet à Saint Palais. Au loin le phare de Cordouan.
    A boat caught by a square fishing net in Saint Palais, Charente Maritime. In the distance, the Cordouan lighthouse.
  • Photographie du refuge au lac des Mines d’or (Morzine)
    Mountain Refuge, 'Golden lac', Morzine, Northern part of French Alpes.
  • Photographie de la tour de guet au milieu du lac (Environs de Cavan, Irlande)
    Watchtower in the middle of the lake, near Cavan, Ireland.

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