The Blackstone Conspiracy

The Blackstone Conspiracy

Volume 1 – Commander Pauline Rougier

19.90 € Paperback | 2.99 € Kindle

When Commander Pauline Rougier, of the Antiterrorist Brigade, on the verge of burnout, following the death of her husband, discovers a link between the attack that has just killed 40 people in Paris between the two rounds of the presidential election and the assassination of a politician, rising star of the media world, she launches into an investigation that will hold many surprises …

A sickening act of terrorism in the streets of Paris and the assassination of a politician appear at first to be unrelated.

Charged with finding out who is behind the attack, the emotionally fragile Commander Pauline Rougier of the Counter Terrorist Brigade discovers that the two incidents may not be so far removed, as a looming civil war threatens to catapult the country into chaos.

Meanwhile, troubled yet charming New York Times journalist Jack Campbell and his friend, computer genius Thomas Delvaux, have uncovered an international conspiracy could reshape the global balance of power.

Middle eastern oil money, shady Swiss banks and hyper-advanced artificial intelligence, Jack and his connections are led to Paris as they try to find out who, or what, is behind it all.

Will Jack and Pauline be able to combine their talents and put a stop to the wheels of doom before they are set in motion? Will these two tortured souls be able to put their own feelings to one side as they work to protect the global status quo?

  • Categories : Thriller, novel
  • ISBN : 2956087622
  • Editor : Les Editions de Pauline (31 October 2018)
  • Langue : English
  • Collection : Commander Pauline Rougier
  • Pages number : 390
  • Product size : 14 x 3 x 21,6 cm
  • Cover design : Matthieu Biasotto

Surprising ending. Thoughtfull Thriller – On Amazon

“This book took me by surprise. Having heard all of the conspiracy theories online these days you think you’ve heard it all. But this was convincing and believable, just what I was after. There are moments of well placed humour, and even some genuinely emotional parts, too. If this is a debut I’m pretty impressed.

| Tense Tech-Triller for Conspiracy Lovers ! – On Amazon

“This book had me gripped from beginning to end. It’s clear the author knows what he’s talking about in terms of technology and politics, and how they work in “the real world”, but the book never goes too deep insomuch as it’s always understandable, so the book is immensely readable and thoroughly enjoyable.

If you’re into global conspiracy theories, this is a great story that’s so believable that it could actually happen it’s scary. The characters meanwhile are really well developed, you feel empathy for each one. Personally can’t wait to read the next installment.”

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